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Board Games and Puzzles

Juplay World is a leading store in India that houses exciting board and puzzle games for toddlers online. We want all children to be mentally smart that is why we have included beneficial board games and puzzles for them. Playing games on smartphones isn’t the right way to keep them engaged. Parents should understand that kids’ puzzle games play a strong role in their children’s life. 

Why Should You Buy Board & Puzzle Games for Toddlers? 

We have discussed some of the benefits of kids’ puzzle games for children so you get convinced to buy board and puzzle games online in India. 

Helps socialize

Board and puzzle games for toddlers can be played by two or more children. The objective of playing with puzzles and board games is to cooperate. While playing, kids learn how to play in a team. Additionally, it helps in bond strengthening between your children and their friends. 

Improves Brain function

The best thing you can ever do for your children at the early childhood stage for improving their brain function is buying board games and puzzles for kids. In order to resolve the puzzle, children will think critically and take action for problem-solving. This activity is known to improve kids’ cognitive skills and power. 

Develops patience 

To find out the way to resolve the puzzle problem, your children have to think wisely and make a strategy to win the game. This helps in the the development of patience in them. Once they learn how to be patient in challenging situations, they can take care of any situation with ease- not just while playing kids’ puzzle games but also adult problems in the future. 


One of the greatest benefits of board games and puzzles for kids is laughter. As we all know that laughter is the best remedy for stress-relieving; you should buy kids’ puzzle games to keep them away from the stress of any kind. When they enjoy these games, they will become more creative and happy personalities. 

Offers Flexibility to play anytime, anywhere

As board games and puzzles for kids are a type of indoor games, there are no issues of finding the right place for playing. Your children can enjoy the flexibility of playing board games and puzzles inside their room, in the backyard, garden, or for that matter anywhere they like. 

We hope the above discussion about the benefits of board games and puzzles for kids is able to convince you to try such amazing games for your children. 

Range of Board & Puzzle Games Online in India at Juplay World

Being the market leader of kids’ puzzle games, we keep our stock always full of joyful board and puzzles games for toddlers online.  Let us show you some of the products from our range of board games and puzzles. 

Card Games: Kids love to play card games so we have brought UNO cards, SOS cards, Scrabble Dash, and Pictionary Card games. 

Board Games:  Another type of game that attracts kids is board games. If your children already love to play board games like monopoly, Tambola, Word Plus, scrabble, etc. then we have all of them in our stock. If you want to give your toddler a new gaming experience them make sure you buy at least one board game from our collection. They are available at affordable prices. 

Puzzle Games:  Up next, we offer kids’ favorite puzzle games. You can buy character puzzles like Marvel Avengers puzzles, Disney Frozen 2 puzzle, and more; 3D puzzles like worldwide monuments, Burj khalifa puzzles, and more; last but not the least, animal & learning puzzles such as World Map puzzle, lion family puzzle, Big Ben puzzle, etc. 

Strategy Games: Strategy games are one of the must-have games in every kids’ toy collection. Such games improve their decision-making skills. While playing strategy games like Battleship Grab & Go, their decisions can either make them win the game or lose the game. This way the power of making decisions of your children will keep on improving day by day. 

Apart from card games, strategy games, board games, and puzzles for kids, we have 300 pieces Poker Game Set, which is an ideal game for children of 18 years and above. 

Buying Board Games & Puzzles for Toddlers Online at Juplay World

If you are finding the best puzzle games online in India, Juplay World is worth visiting. We are an online store where you will discover amazing toys and games for your toddlers. Now, the question is why should you buy from us? Make sure you read our answer to this question below:

USP #1: Reasonable Price Tag

Nowadays, board games and puzzles for kids are priced too high. This is one of the reasons why some families cannot afford stimulating games and puzzles for their children. At Juplay World, we have waived off this concern by making premium puzzles and board games available at reasonable prices. 

USP #2: Quick Order Delivery

One of the major problems that people face while buying puzzle games online in India is delayed product delivery, which is very frustrating for a customer. For example: if you’ve ordered a puzzle game for kids of your friends or family for gifting purpose and you didn’t receive the order before the occasion then it can create embarrassment. 

At Juplay World, our delivery network is very efficient due to which we are promising you on-time delivery of your parcel. We offer an additional facility of same-day delivery to the customers living in Gurgaon. This is because we have a physical store in this location.    

USP #3: Payment Security is a Priority

Every penny has value because you’ve earned it with your efforts. No one wants to lose it. So, to ensure the safety of your money, we are giving you safe payment options like Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card, VISA, and Maestro Card. 

USP #4: Deals with Well-known Brands

We are an online store where you can buy games and puzzles for kids online from big brands. Some of them are Hasbro, Medela, Disney, and more. 

Parents must get board games and puzzles for their kids to ensure the development of strong memory skills. These games present dual-benefits- superb leisure and learning. 

For more details email us at support@juplayretail.com or speak to us at our toll-free number 1800-1203-729.

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