Toys and Childhood Development

Importance of Toys

Toys and Childhood Development

Dec 2021

Toys and children are inseparable and there isn’t an iota of doubt about the same. Much before children realise, toys become an integral part of their daily lives. Children, as per their likes have their own favourite growing up toys that they love more than anything in this world. We all are aware of this fact. But something that we probably aren’t aware of is the influential abilities of toys in the lives of children. Toys consistently play a vital role in improving various skills in children right from early development days. Toys are important instruments that help children to discover the world around them in a playful manner. They simultaneously make children enormously happy and give them plenty of enjoyment.

When children play with toys, they develop their motor skills, cognitive skills, social skills and emotional quotient. Let’s understand the role of toys in children’s lives.

While playing with toys, children get indulged in physical activities that help them to exercise their fine and gross motor skills. They may be found playing with a doll and dressing it, acting like a superhero or playing with toy cars or trucks around the house. Here, they use their physical strength along with their sense of touch and sight which help them to remain physically active by strengthening their arms and legs, and to discover how to maintain balance and coordination. This also helps them to adopt a healthy lifestyle. It is observed that babies use their feet and hands in different ways to play with toys around them. When they are able to sit and crawl, they try to reach the toys kept away from them thus simultaneously strengthening their muscles. 

In addition to developing and strengthening motor skills in children, toys also contribute in their emotional development. We discover that children express their emotions to toys and they relate themselves to toys while playing with them. They imagine and sometimes act like their favourite toys thus creating situations and forming their own rules. Their ability to express automatically enhances when they don’t consider their toys as mere playing objects but as characters that are a part of their small amazing world. These characters help them to create a whole new universe of their imagination wherein they have their own horizon to play and act as per their desires.

Now let’s see how toys help in developing social skills in children. Toys allow children to interact thus enhancing their communication and social skills. When children play with other children using their toys, they learn to initiate, cooperate, share and negotiate. They learn to understand different ways, in which others behave, act and put across their thoughts.

Cognitive development in children is an important area that is always focused upon. It is all about building concentration and memory skills in children. Toys like board games help children to develop their creative abilities, thinking skills, problem-solving abilities and observational skills. Such games also enable children to strengthen their language and mathematical skills in a manner where they consider learning fun and not a burden.

All this helps us to understand the significance of toys in the development of various skills in children from early childhood days. Toys are much more than just fun for children. Toys serve as opportunities for children to learn, spark their imaginations and interact with others.


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