Teaching Toddlers To Talk

Toddler-First Words

Teaching Toddlers To Talk

March 2022

Babies are the most adorable and loving forms of humans' lifetime. The innocence they carry along is unmatched at any stage of human life. It feels amazing to hear the babies making sounds like gurgling, cooing and of course crying. All the kinds of sounds made by them are amazing to hear. In some more time as they grow, the magical moment comes when they utter the first word that can be 'mama', 'papa', 'dada' or any other word. This first word is very special as it's the first time when the child says wonderful words. It's astonishing to see how the little bundle of joys tries to put expressions in words. This comes across as a milestone being achieved.
Toddlers develop language skills with time but they start communicating from the day they are born.
Babies in 0 to 6 months make babbling sounds trying to express and they are even able to understand what we are speaking. They look in the direction of different voices and sounds.
In 7 to 12 months, very simple words like 'yes' or 'no' can be interpreted by the babies. They even start developing vocabulary of one to three words even though they don't speak. The stories and rhymes we tell and sing to the babies make them understand things in their own way.
Taking about months 13 to 18, we see an increase of about 10 to 20 words in a toddler's vocabulary. The toddlers can understand simple sentences like 'Let's go out.', 'You should not go there.' and more such sentences.
Moving next to 19 to 36 months, we can see that the toddler's vocabulary has enhanced to 50 to 100 words. By this time we can find toddlers asking questions, replying and requesting for little things.
All the toddlers take their own time in developing language skills but we can always help the toddlers to talk and start communicating. Let's have a look at different ways in which we can do that.
- Read picture books to babies and toddlers every day and as much possible as it can be done.
- Talk and express as much as you can to the babies as they learn the language from earlier times. You can describe the day's happenings to the baby using short sentences. Make all the activities that you are performing in a day a part of their learning experience.
- Try saying correct words when the child says wrong words. For example, if the child says , 'Gimme milch.', correct him by saying 'I will give you milk.'
- Limit the screen interaction of toddlers as it delays the process of development of language skills in learners.
- Try repeating the same words and sentences again and again so that the babies and toddlers can learn them properly.
- Try to understand their likes and help them perform such activities.
- Sing rhymes and songs to them as they love music and try to catch the gestures and try to sing along.
- Use toys like mega blocks, shape sorters and stacking cups that help them to develop creativity and explore them.
- Indulge with them in the playful activities to ensure guided play to help them understand better what they are doing.
- Ensure that you talk to them with all the excitement in your voice and expressions.
- Help them to participate in physical activities like jumping, enacting, running or talking about what they see around by pointing at them. This will help them indulge in joyful learning.
- Make them surrounded by other kids so that they learn to interact and socialize from an early age.
- Try expanding single words to phrases or short sentences. For example, if the child says 'down', elaborate by saying 'Do you want to sit down?'.
- Celebrate little things with them. Praise them and show how much you enjoy with all the little steps they take.
- Ask open-ended questions that don't lead to answers like 'yes' or 'no'. This will help them to express themselves better and speak.
All these little things from our end will help the tiny tots to learn new things and develop language skills from an early age. It is always an enjoyable experience to talk to babies and seeing them interact with all the enthusiasm. It feels like we are in a different world altogether. Having babies around is a blessing and a cherishing delight.

Let's together create a wonderful place for our tiny toddlers where they express freely and bring in all the joys.


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