Child Care


Child Care

Apr 2020

Kids don't come with a manual -- it would be so much easier if they did! One of the common questions that parents ask is about how to raise happy kids. The term "happy" means something different for everyone. No child must be a 24/7 Pollyanna (thankfully!), and every kid's temperament is unique. But parents want the best for their kids and they want them to enjoy life.

Bob Murray, author of Raising An Optimistic Child , and Shirin Sherkat Psy.D., author, speaker and founder of "Create Happy Kids," share their advice on the seven things that will set your children on a path toward a happy childhood. The seven principals are as follows:

·        Love: Murray says that bringing up happy, optimistic children begins with loving parents who demonstrate love for each other and for their children. Tell your kids every day how much you love them. Be affectionate and free with your hugs, and encourage your kids to share their emotions too.

·        Time: Offering your time is another way of showing love. Kids need time with parents. The kids who grow up the most secure are those who have been given the most parental time. It can be something simple like having a daily or weekly tradition like reading a bedtime story or going to get ice cream.

·        Validation and Praise: Children need their feelings to be heard, respected and validated. Validating a child's feelings goes a long way in teaching that kid how to identify and manage emotions as they grow up. Validation and praise go hand-in-hand. Children should be noticed and rewarded for making good decisions. Kids whose desirable behaviors and healthy choices [are] often validated and acknowledged by their parents are more likely to repeat those good decisions and feel more confident about themselves.

·        Rights: It’s important to understand the difference between their rights and their privileges. Children should always feel that their loved ones would protect their rights. And a 'happy kid' is one who is taught that privileges are always earned.

·        Nature: Believe it or not, when your mother told you to play outside, she knew exactly what she was talking about. Fresh air and physical activity clear the mind and can invigorate a child's spirit. In addition, having plants in the home raises the level of happiness and contributes to a speedier recovery from illness.

·        Limited Exposure to Violence: Kids shouldn't live in a bubble, but violent or worrisome TV or video games can create anxiety and stress. Kids need the reassurance that parents can look after them, that they can protect them.

·        Structure: Children expect some level of routine and structure from their environment. This creates a great sense of security and stability in kids, and that is very important for healthy emotional growth. Setting boundaries is a key factor in creating that structure. 

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New Born Care

Sneezing problem in New Born: Sneezing Problems in New Born Babies: Read article on sneezing problems in new born babies occur due to dry air, irritants, colds and influenza, allergies, enlarged adenoids, foreign bodies and nasal sprays.

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Baby Care Emergencies: A child being naturally curious is more prone to injuries. Take a quick look at what to do when your baby meets an accident or injury at the oddest hours of the day.

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Infants in Womb can develop kidney Dysplasia:: Here’s all about the role of kidneys, each about a size of a fist, playing a significant  role in overall wellbeing and little brief about kidney dysplasia, often found in infants growing in the womb.

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What is recommended water intake for Toddlers: Children between 1 & 3 years of age should drink about 1.3 liters of water a day.

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Do babies snore while sleeping: Some babies do snore while sleeping. Snoring can be a result of common colds, allergies or in some cases sleep apnea.

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Child Safety checklist: Newborn Care - What child safety equipment do we really need in our residence? Share this child safety checklist with anyone and keep your home safe for children.

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ABC OF Potty Training: Giving your child potty training is an important task, after all the nappies need to take off some day and your little one needs to answer nature's call all by himself! Get a good insight on how to potty train your child here.

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Nutritional Advice for Infant and Toddlers: Your infants and toddlers are dependent on you for their nutritional needs.

Common mistake while using sunscreen: Sun protection doesn't just mean sunscreen. It also encompasses being out of the sun during peak hours (10 a.m.-4 p.m.) and wearing hats and sunglasses

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Natural way to remove your Baby’s body hair:Worried about those hair on your baby’s skin? Try these effective remedies to get rid of them naturally.

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Dental care for your kids:Dental care and good dental hygiene must be a part every child’s daily routine. You should develop good oral care habits in your kids as soon as possible. Know tips to develop healthy oral habits in your kids.

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To maintain good colon health in kids:Do you know that a healthy gut is a foundation for overall good health?

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Sudden Infant Death Syndrome:Newborn Care - The extra layers of blankets or clothes on your infant during winter may increase the risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), the sudden, unexplained death of an infant in the first year of life.

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Development of baby at 3 months:Development of a baby at 3 months includes lots of changes with regards to his physical and mental development..

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Secrets of good Hair for Kids:Want your kids to have nourished and healthy hair? Help yourselves and them to know what is the best that they can do for amazing hair.

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