The Power of Storytelling


The Power of Storytelling

Jan 2022

"Stories have the power to turn words into a performance taking place on the stage. "

Storytelling is an age old method of telling stories describing social and cultural activities of various places. Storytelling provides opportunities for children to use their imagination and remember detailing of events in a particular sequence. The little ones learn about their own cultures thus enhancing their cultural understanding. They understand different ways in which people from different cultures share information, values, emotions, hopes and beliefs. Sometimes, the power of stories enable the children to weave their own stories and narrate them.

Stories are considered the best media to make children understand different scenarios and situations.

Storytelling is considered to be an interactive art form that offers use of words and actions to reveal the characters and plots in a story.
Let's have a look at the unique ways in which storytelling helps the little learners:
- It helps them to have a better understanding of relationships they share
- It helps them socialize with the world around in a better way
- It serves as an reassurance from their elders during difficult times
- It improves children's listening, language and attention skills
- It strengthens the vocabulary of children
- It makes them aware of various changes that take place through times
- It enhances their concentration
- It serves as a playful way for the children that enhances their power of emotion and imagination
- It enhances the creativity in children and makes them confident to share made-up stories as per their interests and things that they find familiar
- It enables the children to make sense situations and relationships that they experience in their world
- It helps them to build good relationships, develop healthy self-confidence and become perseverant
- It helps to inculcate valuable lessons in children about kindness, wisdom, honesty, love, affection, compassion and care
- It helps the children to express themselves better
- It enhances the active imagination of children

It's interesting to note that storytelling can be combined with various other art forms like dance, music, drama, comedy and puppetry to create an amazing experience for the children. It is an incredibly valuable tool.
Stories bring children together, inspire and motivate them. They are entertaining, educational, universal, organised and memorable. And that's why storytelling is one of the best experience that we can give to the children.

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