The Changing Face of Toys | Tech Toys


The Changing Face of Toys | Tech Toys

Sep 2021

The Changing Face of Toys | Traditional to Tech-Based Augmented Reality and AI Learning Toys

 AR/ Artificial Intelligence Toys

New age tech toys provide an adaptive and responsive play experience. These programmable toys are designed with machine learning that moves and performs tasks to teach kids educational skills.

Studies have shown that children learn best in an environment that is interactive and in which there is two-way feedback.

New age tech toys combine play and learning in a seamless fashion. This is Gamification and through gamification children learn important topics by playing games.

When children learn in such a manner it improves their grasp on these topics and while also teaching them problem-solving skills they will need in the real world. Hence, by firing up a child imagination using tools such as augmented reality (AR), prepares them to excel in the real world.

The need for learning in such a manner is crucial because children who learn in such a manner realize that learning is nothing to fear and that it is fun.

Everything in life comes with a caveat: Long-time dependency on any technology, not only smart toys may lead to isolation from the world or reality.

Eventually, it’s about finding the right balance between new age tech toys and traditional toys to help in a child’s growth journey!

Juplay understands the joy of play and wants each child to have the best childhood memories. “Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. It is important to healthy brain development. So, we at Juplay strive to provide best-in-class products with a special focus on customer experience and service.

Here you can shop by age category starting from 0-3, 3,5, 5-8, 8+, 10+, 12+Years old children.

Available at Juplay:

-      DIY AI Face Bot Kit, Artificial Intelligence Coding Kit

  • AI Face Bot- Artificial intelligence helps to build your own chatbot which can ask intelligent questions.
  • Practical applications- This kit helps you learn about artificial intelligence (AI) and practically apply it in your daily life.
  • Visual Programming- It is a simple visual-based coding method thus enabling students who do not know coding to make their own chatbot easily. So, just get started.
  • Online AI Course- You will have access to our online AI video course for free.
  • Easy to follow instruction manual + assembly videos + on call support- if you get stuck somewhere O2i is just a call away.

    Made in India

    Age Group: 8+ Years

 -      Shifu- Orboot The Educational, Augmented Reality Based Globe Earth

  • An award-winning educational toy. Orboot is a no-borders globe that connects with the fun & interactive Orboot app. Explore the world with 400+highlights and 1000+ cool facts across 6 categories-cultures, cuisines, monuments, inventions, animals, and maps. A STEM toy that sparks imagination and creativity, Orboot encourages the little ones to explore and discover on their own. It builds knowledge as well as develops linguistic and cognitive abilities in the process.
Made in India.

Age Group: 5-8 Years

 Check out the complete range at https://www.juplayworld.com/

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