10 Popular Toy Brands in India


10 Popular Toy Brands in India

March 2023

10 Popular Toy Brands in India 

If you’re looking for the popular toy brands in India then Juplay World comes under the best popular toy brands online in India. Our set of toys allows them to explore more and more and it will be easy for them to develop their logical thinking, hand-eye coordination, social skills, shape identity, etc. We offer a range of popular toy sets that includes kitchen sets, doctor sets, mind games, soft toys, toys for toddlers and much more. All these popular toy brands are suitable for 24 months to 13 years old children. 

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Juplay World offers the best design, and excellent colorful appearance stimulation with fine detail, making the toy look vivid, which can give kids a fun playing experience. Our popular toy set is a great way to help children better understand their world while developing early language, and social skills. Your kids will have some great time, and this play set can help them improve their hands-on ability, imagination, and creativity. Our interactive toys stimulate children’s imagination, and makes supermarket playtime even more engaging. 

Let’s discuss about the best popular toy brands in India that includes 

Juplay World

Juplay World brings various Games, Doctor Set, Tennis Set, Water Toy Set, Cooking Set, and much more. All sets are made in India, and for Indian children so there is no compromise on the quality. It is made of safe to use stainless steel, and plastic, highly durable, and realistic. This also allows your kids to help them with their early development such as hand eye coordination, muscle movement, dexterity. Get the best indoor play gym on Juplay World that is made with fine material. Made fully of non-toxic plastic, Compact Design is very innovative, and can be converted into a briefcase. 


Disney offers the set that includes a stove with an oven door that opens, and closes, a belle doll wearing a fabric skirt inspired by her iconic movie style, a pair of shoes, and tiara. 


Funskool brings the best multi-colored toys that can be shaped in various ways. The set is cleverly designed to enhance the child’s motor skills. It improves the shape, color, and pattern recognition ability in kids. 


Barbie dolls encourage real-world storytelling, and open-ended dreams. The dolls are designed to reflect the world kids see today-and their attention-grabbing outfits help them stand out with personalities that pop. 


Chicco sets are designed to stimulate the child to play, and to move through various popular sport toys. These toys are created to promote motor development, and other skills. 


Toyshine includes a perfect set that has cheerful music and dancing that are very suitable for creating a pleasant atmosphere, which is suitable for a party. 

Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels includes the 50 cars, and lots of surprising features that give kids hours of fun. It’s the perfect gift for push-around play, building their collection, and taking their adventures on the road. 


Lego offers the italian design will enjoy building, and displaying the highly detailed model with pride. 


Mattel includes a perfect gift for new collectors, hands-on play or party giveaways that feature a set of 5 detailed vehicles with multiple themes to play out whatever kids imagine. 


The Playskool Shapey Turtle encourages exploration, and fine motor skills development as the baby begins to grab a sort count, and identify the 6 shapes. 


This grab & go version of the classic hungry hippos game has 2 chomping hippos, and a whole bunch of marbles for munching. 

Get the best Juplay World Toys that help in stimulating baby’s sensory touches like sight, tough, and hearing. A key, and a beautiful note of the baby gym will produce a beautiful sound when in piano mode. Lovely shaped rattles, and vivid, exquisite fabric, sewing, and tight sewing technology, that is not easy to tear. 

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