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We are a leading shopping platform that has exciting building and construction toys online. The building blocks for kids are not just a great way to have fun but also help to improve their critical thinking ability. When they spend time arranging blocks of different shapes, sizes, and colors, they get an amazing learning experience. Being parents, you just have to buy building set toys and keep your gadgets like smartphones and tablets away from your kids for their psychological development. Allowing your toddlers to play with building blocks toys will help them become smarter than those who just play games on mobile phones. 

Reasons Why Building Blocks Toys should be a Part of Every Toddler’s Toy Collection 

Apart from getting a great learning experience from the building blocks toys, there are other benefits of building blocks for kids. We have shared some of the major benefits below. 

Social Interaction

When your toddler makes a structure using building blocks toys, they are curious to show them off to other kids. Communication with other children creates social interaction which is a mandatory skill that every kid should possess. When he/she explains the process of building that specific structure to other children, they get a better understanding of directions; for example: which blocks they have used for building the base at the bottom, walls on sides, and roof on top. The whole conversation will lead to social interaction. 

Spatial Skills

Spatial skills can be simply understood as intelligence or the ability to understand the reason. It has been noticed that children who play with building and construction toys have improved spatial skills than those who don’t play with such toys. 

Block play is a kind of activity that involves arrangement, rotation, and movement of blocks several times. This helps them understand the reason why they are re-arranging the blocks. For example, a kid has to build a monument by following the given instructions; at this point, he/she will find the suitable blocks and arrange them to create that monument. If they choose the wrong-sized block then they will not able to make that monument. 

Mathematical Skills

Building and construction toys improve the coordination between the hands and eyes of your toddlers. The process of hand-eye coordination will be gradual as it takes time for a child to identify, collect, and arrange building blocks toys. They will also compare different blocks before building their structure. At this point, they will get to know the difference between similar and different blocks. Additionally, building blocks toys can improve their mathematical skills as they can count the number of pieces in a building set. 

The building blocks toys have amazing benefits for your kids so you should not miss buying building set toys for them. 

Now, we will share our collection of building blocks for kids so you can buy the best product for your toddlers. 

Juplay World’s Range of Building and Construction Toys Online 

We, at Juplay World, keep updating our stock with exciting toys that are not just best for your kids’ playtime but also helpful for their cognitive development. All parents wish that their children have a strong mental ability this is why we have included the best building and construction toys online. 

We are praised by our customers for the affordability and quality of our building blocks toys. The reason why we are able to offer you the best quality toys at affordable rates is that we source them directly from renowned brands. 

We have listed some of the best-selling products in our range of building blocks for kids. 

ABC Musical Train by Mega Blocks

Children love to play with toys that output sound or music. This is why we have brought this ABC Musical Train from the house of Mega Blocks. This set includes building blocks with letters A to Z. They will have to link 3 rolling wheelbase blocks together and then stack the alphabetical blocks to make a complete word. This will help them to learn ABCs as well as word formation like CAT, BAT, etc. 

Musical Farm by Mega Blocks

This Musical farm building block set is preferred by several customers for their kids. Your children build a farm for four cute barnyard buddies. They will also create animals like cow, horse, and lamb; then they will have to attach each animal to its matching key to produce the sounds of animals. 

Preschool Blocks by Lego Duplo

With this Preschool building blocks toy set, your kids’ can imitate real-life situations. This Duplo set will help them show their preschool routine like lunchtime, playtime, toileting schedules, etc. It will help them develop role-play skills at an early age. 

Dollhouse DIY Playset by Sunta

You can take the level of fun by buying this Sunta Dollhouse playset for your kids. It includes 121 pieces to construct a nice doll house. You can buy this building and construction toy set online for kids of 3 years and above. 

Playbig Bloxx Peppa Pig Train Stop Construction Set by Simba

This is a 15-piece construction set using which your children will create a train stop for the locomotive of Peppa Pig. You can buy this playful train stop construction set for kids of 18 months to 5 years. The best feature of this set is that it can be combined with other famous building bricks. 

These are our best-selling building and construction sets. We also have magnetic blocks for kids in our stock so you must check it out. 

You can buy kids’ building blocks to enhance the level of enjoyment of your children or for gifting purposes on any occasions like birthday and festivals of your friends’ or family members’ children.

Let us tell you that if you’re residing in Gurgaon, you can receive your parcel on the same day. Even if you’re ordering building and construction sets online from any corner of India, we promise to deliver it as soon as possible. 

For more details, our customer care executives are available 24*7 at 1800-1203-729 and support@juplayretail.com.

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