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You can never resist a kid from going outside because Outdoor Games for Kids are very enticing and full of fun. In your childhood also you would have loved playing outdoors. It is even very healthy for kids to play outside. In this era of gadget friendly world where you will find maximum kids in front of TV or mobile screen, it is indeed a very good habit to play outside. It is not only fun, but also a learning process of many things. The whole behaviour gets changed when the toddlers step outside their comfort zone. 

While it is good to be out for playing, outdoor games for toddlers play an equally important role in making their interest towards outdoor playing. These outdoor games teach children to be in a group and play as per the preference of everybody in the group. These games help your kiddos stay fit and healthy. Outdoor Games for Kids also boost the stamina of the little ones and reduces the chances of any viral or bacterial infection. They also get chances to make new friends and make a strong bond with them. We have seen incidences of the childhood friendship lasting even after being adults.

Why Outdoor Games for Kids play a crucial role in the development of your kids?

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is a very good saying which very well proves the importance of playing. It helps in strengthening the muscles and makes the body acrobatic. This improves the immunity of the body which prevents them from many injuries.  

Outdoor games not only make your kiddos physically fit but also make them mentally strong. While playing outside kids try to put their best efforts by performing in the best possible way which increases their concentration. Their reasoning power also gets increased which helps them draw logical conclusions. There can be no better source of learning for your little ones than playing, as this involves doing things by themselves. During this process they tend to do activities essential for their life. Playing is in fact considered as an amazing learning experience even over books at their young age. 

What are the outdoor toys for kids online that are available at Juplay World for your kiddos?

When it comes to outdoor games for toddlers Juplay World is all dedicated to provide the best outdoor toys for kids online. Cricket makes the childhood of every little one an interesting and amazing one. You can find kids playing cricket even in the hot summer. So for that we have many types of balls as per requirement of your kiddos. If you are looking for a tennis ball then “Vicky - Tennis Cricket Ball” is a very good and durable option. For making your kiddos professional players, you can start with a “Professional Cricket Leather Ball” from Toucan Club. “Prince Leather Cricket Ball” from Kimati is another long-lasting option. 

As boys are more likely to play outdoor games so we have many toys for outdoor games for boys. “Lava Ball with Sky High Bounce for kids' of Waboba is an outstanding and one of the most liked products of Juplay World. This ball will definitely draw your little one’s attention to the outside world. As the color of the inner yellow crack of this ball gets changed only in the UV light of the sun. Isn’t it a fascinating one!!

Though boys are more prone to outdoor games, we would  also love to encourage our girls to step outside to stay healthy and fit. And for that we have “Barbie Catch Ball Set (Pink) from MBE ”. it will surely allure your pretty girl. To make go for a ride we have “Road Runner Scooter with Brakes and LED PU Wheels from R for Rabbit”. It is made available in various colors for your princess.   

Why should outdoor games for kids at school be introduced in schools?

Now-a-days kids spend a huge duration in schools. The increased school hours can be utilized very productively by the school administration. An hour must be dedicated to the outdoor games daily in the schools. And looking at the advantages of outdoor games for kids, schools have made a special place of many outdoor games even at a very primary level. Kids also love to spend funtime in school with their friends. And the best thing is that many schools have also started giving an equal importance to physical fitness of the students as they give to the academics. And that is the reason why there are big playgrounds dedicated to outdoor games. You can also find a badminton court, a soccer field for those students who are very much interested to play these games. 

What are the best outdoor games for kids?

Outdoor games are as vital for your kiddos life as the other factors for their personality development. There are various outdoor games for kids which are played by almost all the kids. Some of them are -

  1. Cricket - A game which has gained very much popularity throughout the world. This game is played between two teams. Each team has 11 players. The basic equipment required for this game are a ball, a bat and a set of stumps. 

  2. Football - A very popular game among boys, Football also needs 2 teams, each team consisting of maximum 11 players and a goalkeeper. Football is a very appropriate game if you want your kiddos to be physically fit. As every player in this game needs to run in order to make the team win. The game only needs a big ball and a goalpost.

  3. Badminton - This is another well liked game among every age group. A set of rackets and a shuttlecock are all what this game requires. It can be played in singles and doubles. 

There are many other outdoor games for kids also which you must have played in your childhood and don’t require much equipment like Hide and Seek, Hopscotch, Jump Rope, Marbles and many more. You should introduce these games to your kids as these will make them physically as well as mentally strong. Try to give these assets to your kids. 

So moms and dads why to wait to keep your child happy and fit, choose Juplay World for Outdoor Toys for Kids Online. You will get value for money products and that too at desirable prices. For any more queries, write us at 

support@juplayretail.com or call us at 1800-1203-729 or +91 124 4255255. 

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