Carrom Board


Buy Carrom Board Online in India Buy carrom boards online from JuPlay World, and get great deals on eco-friendly, non-toxic carrom equipment. Get the best price carrom boards online at JuPlay World, and have your own carrom tournaments. There is a solid range of non-toxic, budget-friendly, and long-lasting carrom boards. Get the best carrom board price online at our website, and take home a complete carrom set. Carrom Board Carrom Boards are square, ply boards with net or cloth pockets in the corners. The standards size carrom board, used in tournaments, is a 74*74 cm board with a 5-10 cm border. At JuPlay World, we offer you a range of durable, eco-friendly & sturdy carrom boards which are perfected for every carrom lover out there. It is a highly durable board with 14 braces attached under the play to support the playing surface. The material is a toxic freeboard, and the markings are made with chemical free ink & glue. We stand as the leading sellings for carrom board online. Here you’ll get variations in the size, material, and quality of the carrom boards, and also in the size of the pockets. Wooden Carrom Board Wooden Carrom Board is known for its smooth playing surface, and excellent re-bounce, with sturdy reinforcement at the boards back to enhance flatness, and prevent warping if you wish to shop sports, and games industry online. Among sports for all age groups, get this carrom board for pure fun with friends, and family members. Made of MDF, and hardwood borders, this carrom is the best indoor\outdoor sport. carrom board indian Get the best carrom board in India that comes with matte polished finish providing elegant, and beautiful natural shade to the board surface, and superbly smooth playing experience. This provides excellent water resistance to the board, and prevents board against accidental spills, and hence, long life to the playing surface. carrom board size The standard size of carrom board at JuPlay World is 74*74

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