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Imagimake Stamp Art - DIY Kids Art Set (Assorted)

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Stamp Art series has great art and craft kits for kids to explore the world of painting and coloring in a new way. This set includes 4 assorted Stamps which are washable and reusable that keep a child engaged for hours and hours of playtime. The kids can keep on exploring different blending techniques and make different patterns each time. Kids can create endless designs and give different patterns and expression- from an angry to a happy octopus. This set for 3-year-olds is a great tool for creative development. Unlike sponge painting, these stampers do not soak up the paint - so you certainly end up wasting a lot less paint. Also, the base block has an easy gripping shape making it perfect for the little hands. Just Color, Stamp and Create more and more! (Note: This set does not come with Stamp Pens which can be used with this set to make it a mess free activity) ART DIY SET: Great fun coloring and stamping activity set which comes with 4 adorable Stamps (assorted designs)

  • SIMPLY STAMP: Simply swipe the Stamp Pens or Paints (not included with this kit) to effortlessly imprint the cute, assorted stamp designs like an octopus, burger or a smiley. Then just wash and reuse again and again
  • WASH & REUSE: With just a bit of water - you can wash and reuse the stamps again and again - making it a great addition to the art closet of every home, playschool and activity center
  • STAMP COLLECTIBLES: Stamping becomes more fun when you have more and more stamp designs! Get your hands on all the cool and trendy stamps and make your art more interesting!
  • ONE STAMP ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES: These stamps can also be used in cool crafts like card making, scrapbooking and lots more. It is a great art set for kids for 3-year-olds and above
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