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Shooting Star Baby's Learning Pad

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Dimensions: ‎13.5 x 2 x 17 cm
  • The Baby’s Learning Pad is a delightful and educational toy designed to engage and entertain young children while promoting their cognitive and fine motor skill development.
  • The illuminating screen provides a visually stimulating experience, helping children focus and interact with the device. It lends an auditory dimension to play, encouraging children to explore and discover new sounds, rhythms, and melodies.
  • The learning pad incorporates a range of keys that include a music key, letter key, and animal keys.Children can press the various keys, promoting hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity.
  • It promotes cognitive development and helps children associate images, sounds, and words.they are encouraged to think and make connections. It stimulates their thinking ability and problem-solving skills.
  • The learning pad's combination of visual and auditory stimuli, along with its interactive buttons, creates an entertaining and engaging experience that can captivate a child's attention and keep them occupied in a constructive way.
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