Sunbaby Reversible Travel Carry Wrap Sleeping Bag

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  • TRAVEL PARTNER: While travelling, when the baby is sleeping within the Sleeping Bag, she / he can be picked without disturbing her sleep
  • BED IN A BAG: Your child sleeps carefree as SUNBABY sleeping bags are comfortable and soft and gives the feeling of protective coziness to your baby.
  • REVERSIBLE WITH AN EASILY MANAGEABLE ZIP LINE: SUNBABY, sleeping sack can be easily opened when baby needs to be picked up or changed. The sleep sack can also place in the baby crib as it acts like a baby bed mattress with open zip. It is reversible too and a different print can be used whenever you are bored
  • SUNBABY Baby Sleep Sack: keeps your baby warm and comfortable during those initial sleeping months needed for the necessary growth of your baby. SUNBABY products are the best products for your baby
  • SUNBABY DREAM_WORLD SLEEPING BAG allows your little one to enjoy his sleep in a cozy, comfortable and safe Environment
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