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Urban Tots Walkie Talkie

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  • There are two buttons on each walkie talkie. When you are speaking, always press left side button (which activates the transmitter). operate right side button to either switch on or switch off the unit.
  • Adjustable volume level allows you to speak and hear at a comfortable volume level.
  • This is a walkie talkie set for kids with 2 player system. Talking distance up to 30 meters. Extendable antenna for Receiving Better Audio Signals and Less Disturbance during Transmission.
  • Perfect Adventure Kids Toys: The situation can be real-time monitoring of children, anti-wandered, intelligent alarm system, etc. Stay connecting with your friends and families, especially in outdoor activities, the best outdoor toys for toddlers aged 3+ years boys and girls.
  • Quality of voice is determined by distance and the strength of the battery. Batteries are not included. Use the button on the right to either switch on or off the walkie talkie, good play time for kids.
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